It’s no secret that in Florida, we experience mother nature’s ill temper all too often. And if you’ve been on the receiving end of that anger, you’ll know that taking precautions against it can be one of the smartest moves you can make. Sure, you can board up your house before every potential storm, but that’s putting too much time and effort in every season to retrofit your home to suit reoccurring conditions. Last-minute decision making can be a dangerous situation when a storm approaches your home. So, installing hurricane windows and doors represents a permanent solution to the ever-present problem of bad weather by outfitting your house with a durable, long-lasting armor that is both stylish and strong. Since Miami is a hotspot for hurricane-force winds, having a contractor put in hurricane windows and doors is a sensible decision.



Installing an impact door or impact window in your home is one of the smartest moves you can make as a homeowner in Miami. These products are specially designed to resist high winds and harsh weather conditions to keep you, your family, and your trinkets safe from the elements. High winds can not only damage your house directly, they can whip up debris from the surrounding area and throw it at your window or door causing permanent damage, even resulting in the replacement of the unit. Having exterior-facing doors and windows that are strong enough to handle the punishment is absolutely key to preventing potential damage and the costs associated.



Impact products at Alco Windows and Doors are manufactured with tight, strong aluminum frames. This not only protects against hurricane-force winds but dissuades forced entry into your home, keeping your family safe. Additionally, frames of impact doors and windows in our Miami location are produced with insulation in mind, making your house more comfortable and energy-efficient. Utility bills can build up quickly, so installing one of our products not only protects you against the elements but protects your wallet from the electric company as well.

Alco Windows and Doors is a registered and licensed distributor of PGT Windows and Doors, CGI Windows and Doors, ES Windows and Doors, and Eco Windows and Doors. All products are guaranteed to exceed industry standard and meet state requirements.



Having the right window or door for your needs is critical. Don’t compromise on color, design, or other aesthetic values; your window or door should protect and look the way you want it to. Luckily, at Alco Windows and Doors we offer free consultations to ensure that you pick the best-looking hurricane windows and doors for your home.



What good is purchasing an impact product if it is not professionally installed in your home? Our installation team is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Avoid dealing with no-name contractors or relatives who claim they have millwork experience. When it’s your home that’s being worked on, call the licensed professionals to get the job done correctly and expediently. Call Alco Windows and Doors today to set up an appointment!



Insurance Premium Discounts – With your home being protected better against the elements, many insurance companies are willing to lower monthly premiums to reflect your decision. Impact-resistant shutters need to be installed every time a storm rears its head, and thus do not qualify as a unit that constantly protects your home. Talk with your insurance representative to see if an impact door or window qualifies you for any discounts.

Quiet Living – One niche benefit of impact doors and windows is a considerable level of noise reduction from outside sources. Because these products are constructed with multiple layers of composite material, they act as a buffer between your home and the outside world. This can make living near a busy highway or loud neighbors more tolerable.

Sun Protection – Impacts windows and doors offer substantial protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV light can, over time, cause damage to upholstery, paint, and other possessions in your home. Since Florida is exposed to greater amounts of sunlight than almost anywhere else in the nation, having a thick shield between the sun and your carpet can increase its life expectancy dramatically.

Worry-free Defense – Since aluminum storm shutters need to be put up before each storm, the redundant installation can be a hassle. With an impact window or door, you don’t need to worry about taking this precaution; it is already built into your residence.

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